Expedition: Negombo – Arugam Bay - Galle  

The first solo Tour of Sri Lanka on board of a water-scooter is been organized by the only sportsman who managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a water-scooter. www.ocean2002.com

The maritime expedition will start in the city of Negombo on the 4th of January of 2006

The sportsman will navigate solo. A TV crew and technical team will follow on board a support vessel.

Navigation .-

The Tour of Sri Lanka will be completed in 4 days

Average navigation time per stage is 10 hours (sportsman will navigate always standing up to avoid spine problems)


Expedition objectives.-

1. Promote Sri Lanka as the unique tourism destination it is.

2. Produce a TV documentary to be shown all over the world, to show the Sri Lanka coast line, its richness and beauty, and the intensity of the affection it evokes in its visitors.

3. Bring Spanish aid to Sri Lanka, helping a Sri Lanka charity institution: Panchaliya Maha Vidyalaya, Panchaliya, Galle District (see attached information: INFANCIA SIN FRONTERAS / MENSAJEROS DE LA PAZ)

4. Make people aware of the need to respect the ocean and nature.

5. Commemorate the expeditions of Saint Francisco Javier (Xavier), visiting areas connected with Xavier. Explore the coastline and try to find the remains left by the Jesuits five centuries ago, (Xavier arrived in Ceilan on January 1545 spending five months in the island) sharing the exploration with the people to be encounter during the journey. The navigator is a direct descendent of Saint Francisco Javier (Francisco de Jaso y Azpilikueta)

6. Promote healthy life and sports against drugs and alcohol abuse (the navigator follows always this philosophy)

7. Spread out, ideals of peace. Promote tolerance and concord between different people, countries, religions, races and cultures.

8. Promote fair play in sports.

Possible Laps:

Negombo – Kalutura – Bentota – GALLE – Matara – Dikwella – Tangalle – Hambantota – Kumana –

Arugam Bay – ---

Arugam Bay – Kumana – Hambantota – Tangalle – Dikwella – Matara – GALLE

Additional info: www.ocean2002.com

The sailor: main expeditions achieved on the last 24 years

2006 Sri Lanka XAVIER´2006 Expedition Solo sailing along the SRI LANKA Coastline (on the first anniversary of the December´2004 Tsunami)
2005 Solo crossing, Formentera-BARCELONA --- ODESSA (Ukraine) World record
2004 Solo crossing: San Sebastián - Galicia Camino de Santiago marítimo
2003 Solo crossing: MOSCOW - SAINT PETERSBOURG (Russia)
2003 Solo crossing: PARIS - ENGLAND (First Paris-London crossing on a water scooter) WORLD RECORD Guinness World Records
2002 Atlantic Ocean solo crossing ROMA - NEW YORK Expedition Distancia: 10.000 Millas Náuticas WORLD RECORD Certificado por Guinness World Records
2001 Training for the Atlantic ocean crossing
2000 Solo crossing of the PANAMÁ Canal (Puerto Colón - Isla de Contadora)
1999 Solo crossing: MALLORCA - CERDEÑA - MALLORCA Puerto Portals - Porto Cervo - Puerto Portals Distancia: 820 Millas Náuticas Porto Cervo - Puerto Portals: 410 Millas Náuticas sin escalas WORLD RECORD OF DISTANCE WITHOUT STAGES Tramo: Mahón - Alghero: 200 Millas sin tocar costa WORLD RECORD OF DISTANCE AT OPEN SEA
1998 Solo crossing: ISLAS CANARIAS - BILBAO Isla de la Palma - Bilbao. Distancia: 2.200 Millas Náuticas WORLD RECORD of maximum navigated distance. (Tramo: Canarias - Santander)
1997 Solo crossing: CEUTA - MALLORCA Travesía: MALLORCA - IBIZA - FORMENTERA - MALLORCA II VUELTA A MALLORCA (1º clasificado en su categoría. 2º General)
1996 Strait of Gibraltar solo crossing I VUELTA A MALLORCA (Primer clasificado)
1995 First strait of Gibraltar solo crossing Sotogrande - Ceuta - Sotogrande
1994 Crossing: San Sebastián - Islas Baleares - Cadaqués (Vuelta a España y Portugal en conmemoración del 500 aniversario del Tratado de Tordesillas) Distancia: 2.000 Millas Náuticas WORLD RECORD
1993 Solo crossing: Sevilla - Génova Distancia: 1.350 Millas Náuticas WORLD RECORD
1992 Solo crossing: Ibiza - Mallorca WORLD RECORD OF DISTANCE AT OPEN SEA
Between 1991 y 1982 Islas V St. Croix - St. Thomas; 9 vueltas en solitario a Mallorca; 4 vueltas en solitario a Ibiza; 2 vueltas en solitario a Menorca; 2 travesías Biarriz - San Sebastián - Bilbao; Travesías en aguas de Melilla.