Dearest Alvaro,

Nice to sea you back…It was high tide you arrived, a wave of relief to us all, your family and closest friends. You have finally succeeded in your marine ambition flagged more than ten years ago, without keeling over before the finishing line, congratulations. May your courage and enterprise be a propeller for all, and a polestar for all who, in life, try. When we first met, long before I tied the knot, our relationship dawned on stormy note, fishing for the same beautiful girl’s heart, we soon realised that our friendship would be more important than an evaporating fancy, and what a whale of a time we have had. Thanks for calling me from the middle of the Atlantic, even though if it was to have me organise for those gorgeous girls, in Antigua, to look after you when you arrived. In more than sixteen years you haven’t changed a drop, the spray of y You have shown that whilst not a breeze you could sail through this challenge to win the cup, blowing away the unbelievers and beaching the critics. Pirates! Now swimming in a sea of glory from the success of your crossing, may this adventure be the watershed for the non believer in a sporting challenge, may it serve as the salt of future adventures and ambitions, a realisation that most of one’s wishes in life can be achieved if only with patience, hard work and deep determination. And in passing let me tell you how much affection I harbour for you,

God bless,