Embarcate con nosotros! Asociación Mensajeros de la Paz


    "Our elders will be forever grateful"

Dear Friends,

The Organization "Embarcate con Nosotros", from Mensajeros de Paz, is based and supported by a special iniciative that a group of people have been working on for a long time: The Travesy of the Atlantic Ocean, that a single spanish sailer will try to accomplish on board of a small craft of only 2 meters long!


If the final goal is reached , it would supposse the first time in the history of Navigation, that this challenge is being achieved, and it would become a New World Record in the History of Spanish Navigation.

Our proyect has as a final result: to recollect funds that will be destined to aid our "compatriots" and brothers of the third-age, residing in America. Men and women over 65 years old, that have emigrated and are now living in extremely poor conditions. Therefore, they need our help and solidarity.

The idea is to "bring them" those funds from Europe, along our Atlantic Travesy.

The sailer, a long time member and participant of Mensajeros De Paz, has the motivation, experience and the illusion to collaborate and make our common dream a reality by trying to obtain the funds necessary. Therefore, when he was ready to begin his journey, he put his iniciative to our disposition, so we could based his travesy in our organization "Embarcate Con Nosotros". We trust and believe in the capabilities the sailor and the rest of his team have in the organization and development of their adventure, baptized "Encuentro Atlantico", and be able to bring thier help to many people. The result of this special union is the proyect "Encuentro Atlantico:Embarcate con Nosotros".

We welcome you to become a participant of our adventure.


Padre Angel

    The Asociation "Mensajeros de la Paz"

  • Created in 1962, this social labor has been declared a public utily for national and international causes. It has received , among others, the highest recognition for their labor and merit: The award Principe de Asturias De La Concordia.

  • At the beginning of its creation, the main purpose was the creation of homes to provide shelter to abandoned children.

  • At the present time, the Organization counts with 296 homes, where more than 2,300 children reside.

  • Unfortunately, the social and demographic reality around us has changed: the popularity is rapidly growing elderly. Almost half of our elders in Spain, as well as many other countries, feel forgotten and neglected , and live in poverty and abandoned conditions.

  • Mensajeros De Paz doesn´t feel undifferent with this situation, therefore, creates the Asociation "Edad Dorada", in search of a positive response to this grand collective.

    "Mensajeros de la Paz": Asociation "Edad Dorada"

  • The Asociation Edad Dorada, created as a result from all the social changes in reality, only tries to collaborate and apply the best solution at each given moment, in order to attend our elders, that are the ones who gave us the gift of life and dedicated theirs, among other noble objectives, to our social and personal realization.

  • Among the many labors taking place right now, there are the construction and liability of home residences for elders all over Spain.

  • The residences besides shelter include good living conditions with medical attendance, personal care, food, clothes, liberty of movement etc...

  • But the problem doesn´t reside in Spain only, and Mensajeros De Paz, wants to bring thier help to the spanish elders living in Hispano America, therefore, creating a program to collaborate to this cause.

  • Statistic research have shown, that there are more than 12,000 elders without any economical medical or social support.

  • From Mensajeros De Paz, and through this pasionate proyect "Encuentro Atlantico:Embarcate Con Nosotros", we want to take action and try to collect the funds neccessary to assure this elders will have the medical and personal care needed in order to have a decent life the rest of their days.

    Travesy: “Encuentro Atlántico”

  • This important transatlantic travesy will unity three continents: Europe, Africa and America.

  • It will be the first time that the Atlantic Ocean is being cross in solitary on board of a "jet ski". Alvaro De Marichalar, a courageous and experience spanish sailer, will be the captain and tripulant of this small embarcation, as well as our main messenger.

  • A support boat with the fuel and supplies needed will be following him. Six people form the suport team of the expedition. They will navigate more than 5,500 Nautic Miles along the italian, tunician, spanish, marrocan, and american coasts. The journey will be hard...16 hours of effort a day... Always on his feet, on top of his small craft, so he wont hurt his spine..., to reached our common goal: bring to our elders in America our support and help from Europe.

  • The journey will start at the end of November. Departuring from Rome, in front of the Al Castelo Sant Angelo in the river Tevere. The objective then, will be to arrive in the floridian coasts, EEUU, fifty days later.



  • There are many spanish elders living in Latin American countries, and with the impossibility of helping all, Encuentro Atlantico: Embarcate Con Nosotros will try to concentrate on the ones more in need of our help. The countries that figure are:



  • Our goal has already started. At the end of November, we departure. The dream is trying to reach America from Italy. We have left 5,500 Nautical Miles...

  • Right now, we cannot assure we will reach our final goal and cross the ocean. We dont know how many miles we will reach. But the sure thing, is that we will try our best and sail as much and as long as possible.! Imagine being able to help one elder for every mile reached!!!!

  • Help us put a smile in every one of this men and women!! They will always be grateful to you!

    The Objectives

  • Establish some "becas" to help as many men and women as possible living in Hispano America that feel isolated and in lonely and abandon conditions, without any support, family or medical care.

  • With this "becas", Mensajeros De Paz will provide an integral attention to the elders with all the neccessary human material and technical resources. We will attend them with all the respect and dignity they deserve.

  • With the "becas" we will get the essential services our elders need.

    With the "becas" we will achieve:

  • Residence for the elders.

  • Four meals a day, supervised by a doctor.

  • Personal attire that gives human dignity to our elders.

  • Personal Care, control and protection.

  • Geriatric Attention, re-habilitation, psychological and social.

  • Religious assistance

  • Vinculation with the family

    Costs and Prices

  • To properly assist an elder with all the specifications mention before, we need a cost of 40,000 pesetas a month.

  • Multiplicating this amount by twelve, would mean a total of 480,000 pesetas a year for every person.

    Colaboration Plan

  • A table of the plan and its cost is shown consequently in order to establish your contributions.

  • 1 Beca            1 Year            480.000 Pts

  • 5 Beca            1 Year          2.400.000 Pts

  • 10 Beca          1 Year          4.800.000 Pts

    Embárcate con nosotros: Come aboard with us!

  • A committee of the travesy has been created in order to support our iniciative. (click on www.atlantik2001.com)

  • We are trying to include in our committee special friends and sportsmen such as Miguel Indurain, Carlos Sainz, Coral Bistuer, Chipolini, M.Arcuri..or fellow collaborators for a long time, such as Lina Morgan, Emilio Aragon, Lola Herrera...

  • From Mensajeros de Paz and counting with Alvaro as our "sailing messenger", we will give our supporters, sponsors, all the communication needed in order to promote this iniciative, and try to make the world aware of this special proyect.

  • The support will be send through the following sources: Communication, Presence of thier corporate image and support to the benefactors.


  • Comunication: All the sources collaborating in Encuentro Atlantico will be supporting our common cause.

  • Corporate Image: The institutions and benefactor companies will be able to exhibit thier corporative image in material PLV, pandcarts etc.., and will be shown at the acts taking place at the beginning of the travesy, in many connection ports, and the arrival day in America. Also in acts to be organize after, if the goal is reached. The presence of their image can be seen in our web page.

  • Support to our benefactorss: Mensajeros De Paz, the sailor with his suuport team at sea and on land, and all the people associated with the proyect Encuentro Atlantico, will be at all times at the disposition of the benefactors during and after the travesy to permit the promotion of their image.

  • * A specific plan can be design for those benefactors that require it, by studing the different ways of communication and RRPP.