Presentation of Tour of Sri Lanka on board of a water scooter by the only sportsman* who has managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean with this vehicle. This maritime expedition will start in the City of Colombo and will circumnavigate the island during one full-moon period. The sportsman will navigate alone, accompanied only by a TV crew and a technical team.


1. Promote Sri Lanka as a unique destination for tourists interested in healthy and sports-oriented activities as well as demonstrating the recuperation of the island's coastal areas subsequent to the tsunami of 2004 by:

" Organizing sport tourist packages in conjunction with this expedition

" Organizing tourist packages that retrace the voyages of St. Francis Xavier in the island

" Organizing tourist packages that follow the route of the transfer of the only relic of Budha from the coast to Kandy, capital of Budhism, modeled on that of the Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain.

" Establishing in various Sri Lankan tourist spots along the coast centers for the practice of water scooting

2. Help create bonds of unity and fraternity between Sri Lankan and European Cities

3. Produce a TV documentary for world-wide distribution which will highlight Sri Lanka's beautiful coastal areas. This documantary will be presented in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, and Rome.


1. Approval by the Sri Lankan tourist authorities, who will decide on actual dates for the expedition and the route.

2. Approval of sponsors and selection of tourist agencies specialized in sport-related tourism

3. Presentation: In Europe the program will be presented at the tourist trade fair FITUR in Spain and in Asia in the city of Nagaguchi, Japan, where the sportsman also plans to retrace St. Fancis Xavier's voyages in the archipelago.

*Mr. Álvaro Marichalar y Sáenz de Tejada, champion of the world on water scooter of the size of dolphin named after Numancia, is a direct descendant of St. Francis Xavier and has as his guiding philosophy the promotion of a healthy life style and of fair play sports as ways to prevent drug use and alcohol abuse.

A summary of his main expeditions and achievements are as follows:

" Solo crossing: Maritime pilgromage to Saint James in Santiago (Spain).

" Solo crossing: Moscow-Saint Petersburg (Russia) in commemoration of the anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg.

" Guinness World Record. Ist Paris-London crossing.

" Atlantic solo crossing: Rome - New York. Guinness World Record (10,000 nautical miles)

" Solo crossing of Panama Canal.

" Solo crossings.
World record of distance without stages (Mallorca-Sardinia-Mallorca)
World record of distance in open sea (Mahon - Alghero)

" Solo crossing.
World record of maximum navigated distance (Canary Islands - Santander)

" Solo crossing
World record. Circumnavigation of the Iberian Pennisula in Commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Treaty of Tordesillas

" Solo crossing: Seville - Genoa. World record.

" Solo crossing: Ibiza - Mallorca (Balearic Islands). World record of distance in open sea